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Farmers everywhere need timely and accurate weather information to make the most of their daily planning.

But the quality of weather data sources, access to communication technologies, and meteorological literacy varies from country to country, and climate to climate.

Each of our country programs is unique, but that doesn’t mean our expertise or capacity building is siloed.  In each program we run, we bring together the ‘three legs of the stool‘ – best-in-class global tropical weather forecasting, ground truth data, and local partnerships that provide scalable distributed internet communication technologies (ICT) to reach farmers where and when they need it.  Across the board, we take a user-centered approach to break down barriers to access, understanding, and utilization of our forecasts.

Find out more about the programs we are currently running, below:


Our partner organization, Weather Analytics, employs world class experts in data science, meteorology, and software development. But only through local partnerships in the countries we serve can we truly develop a lasting and effective weather forecasting service.